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Awesome Wood Working Skills

Wood Working Skills

Awesome Wood Working Skills Here is an awesome wood working video, I thought you might find it interesting because making guitars and many musical instruments is all about wood work… Check it below, click on the play button to watch the video.   You might also like this incredible video of a high-end guitar maker, […]

High-End Guitar Maker

Guitar Making

High-End Guitar Maker Takes a lot of effort to create high-end guitars, in fact, this manufacturer takes around 5 months to create a single custom made guitar that costs around $14,000. Check out the video below. While its not easy, a lot of manufacturers who specialise in hand made guitars enjoy making these special instruments, […]

Awesome Guitar Solos – A Trip Back In Time to The 1070s

Guitar Soloist

Awesome Guitar Solos – A Trip Back In Time to The 1070s I came across this awesome video of a guitarist taking us back in time through-out the 1970s, demoing what music sounded like back in those days, and I gotta say, I think he hit the mark. I particularly like 1976, and thats where […]