High-End Guitar Maker

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High-End Guitar Maker

Takes a lot of effort to create high-end guitars, in fact, this manufacturer takes around 5 months to create a single custom made guitar that costs around $14,000.

Check out the video below.

While its not easy, a lot of manufacturers who specialise in hand made guitars enjoy making these special instruments, and make these instruments with passion, which is what makes them so good!

Made from the most elegant pieces of wood found in remote forests, where they need to locate the most straight piece of log to use in these crafted guitars.

The wood needs to be very stiff and light to be suitable for these types of high-end guitars!

You gotta love guitars to be able to make a good solid guitar that not only looks good but sounds great!

The process is actually really intriguing, check it out below.

I actually love working with my hands and making stuff out of wood, but nothing as awesome as this!

Besides, you need some serious wood working skills and special machinery and a lot of knowledge about how sound is generating to make anything like this!

Check out the process in the video below.

Click on the plat button to watch the video.


Let me know if you are interested, I can get you a great deal.

Wow – what an awesome piece of art!

Happy playing!

Big K

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